For those interested in the South Dakota choral music scene

Singers from the South Dakota Senior High School Honor Choir have continued to be active singers throughout their adult lives.  Many have continued their musical studies while others have pursued other disciplines but remain avid recreational singers. SDHC alumni choirs began to be formed in 1983 and have continued since then. Following are the years that Alumni Honor Choirs have formed and the directors involved:1983 - Alice T. Larson, 1993 - Rene Clausen, 1998 - Paul Torkelson, 2003 - Edith Copley, 2008 - Tim Peter, 2013 - James Rodde.

If you are a SDHC alumnus and wish to be connected with this tradition, please update register in the Honor Choir Alumni database. This will assist us in contacting you for future reunion events.  Please list the most “permanent” information by which you would most likely be reached within the next 5 years.



2013 Reunion Honor Choir Program