For those interested in the South Dakota choral music scene
Thursday, August 3 - Friday, August 4, 2017
South Dakota ACDA Summer Conference
Johnson Fine Arts Center
Northern State University
Aberdeen, SD


                  Thursday, August 3, 2017    

7:30-8:00 am      Registration

8:00-8:15              Welcome/credit info                     :15

8:15-9:30              Session I                                               1:15

       “Reclaiming Group Vocal Instruction”

                         Dr. Patrick Freer

9:30-9:45              Break/visit Popplers                        :15

9:45-11                                    Session II                                               1:15

    “Research Meets Reality: Why Boys Drop out of

          Chorus and What We Can Do About It”

                                    Dr. Patrick Freer

11-noon                 Observe Honor Choir                         1

            ~~~~Lunch on your own~~~~~

1:30-2:30              Popplers Reading Session             1

Fresh, new titles to q!”      Don Langlie

2:30-3:45              Session III                                               1:15

         “Beginning to Teach Vocal Technique to Boys

                          With Changing Voices”

                                    Dr. Patrick Freer

3:45-4:15              Meet Honor Choir Director             :30

4:15-5:30              Session IV                                               1:15

  “The First Rehearsals with the (Average) MS Choir”

                                    Dr. Patrick Freer

                  ~~~~Supper on your own~~~~

7:00-8:15              Session V                                                1:15

“Progressive Sight-reading….Puberty to Graduation”

Kathy Sundvold, Mike Bossman, John Parezo,

 Robyn Starks Holcomb

9:00-10:00           Social Hour                                             1

                  Destination: TBD                                                   

          Friday, August 4, 2017


8:30-9:30              Session VI                                             1


Working with Adolescent Boys & their Changing Voice”

                                    Dr. Patrick Freer

9:30-10:00           Break/Popplers                                    :30

10:00-11:00        Session VII                                             1

     “We are Family: Building Community in the

                             Choral Ensemble”

                            Dr. David Holdhusen

11:00-12:00        All-State Chorus                              1

                                    Reading Session

~~~~Lunch on your own~~~~

1:30-2:30              SD-ACDA Jr. High Honors                1

                                    Reading Session            

2:30-3:30              General Membership mtg.             1

                                    Conference Wrap-up